In the heart of our agricultural landscape, irrigation stands as our lifeblood for prosperity.

The current investments include 62 Center pivots, 4 dams, and a network of pipes stretching 82 kilometers that will pump water from river Unyama.

However, despite our infrastructure development and supplies on site, we have noted that our water source is insufficient to meet our needs.

In an intervention to fully realize our potential, that will implement an investment of 10,000 hectares under irrigation, it is necessary to harness the waters from River Nile.

This extension of water pipelines spanning 16 kilometers would meet our water needs and be bolstered by our power generation capacity of the factory.

We have the opportunity to revolutionize our irrigation system and unleash the true potential of our agricultural pursuits.

Together, we pave the way for a future of sustainable agriculture and economic growth.

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